Peace of mind with IDS HostingSome would say they do not need a website, but a website has numerous functions which we would like to cover briefly.

The internet is here to stay, for the foreseeable time anyway. There is nothing on the technological horizon that could replace it, thus with this in mind we need to work with what we have in order to make or keep our business wheels turning.

Websites which are a digital representation of your branding and includes products, services, information about your business and contact details. We are of course referring to business websites. Personal, hobby, academic sites  will have a different set of criteria to work with.

When websites and internet began only the large business had websites and then having a website meant you had the money to get a site developed, so having a website meant you where a medium to large business concern. A website then said more than the info it carried but the status that went with having it. This status of having a website continues to a point today, many small business”s have websites, since the cost of setting up one has decreased substantially.

When we 1st do business with a new organisation/supplier we have this internal check-list we seem to run through, and one of the criteria is: do they have a website, so we check their business card for a website URL. Some would take this further and actually go to the website. So, the process would be:

  1. Do they have a website (no matter what it looks like) if yes, that”s good, if no, maybe not!
  2. Whats does there site look like. If it looks like a DIY, outdated or unappealing site, perhaps not, if professional, easy to load, good looking … well you decide.

The issue here then is not so much do you have a website but when your clients go to your website:

  • what is the first impression?
  • does it do the job, or just throw a lot of text and images at you?
  • does it flow, leading you to a specific place on the site, ie does it fulfil its purpose?
  • does it look as if its never updated?

These are just some thoughts on the ongoing  journey of preparing and displaying your website.

At IDSwebdesign, website development must include these thought processes to achieve the maximum level of confidence into your clients of who you are and what you are able to offer.

If your website does not answer the visitors questions and leave them with a peace of mind then your website has not fulfilled its purpose.

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